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My most recent work.

I’ve had some good experience with a diverse range of projects that have led me to develop some eye-catching designs, so have a look below to see what kind of designs I can offer for you.

Click on the image to see larger versions! If you see something you like or some aspect that you’d like to include in your own design, send me a message and we can get chatting.
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  • Chalet Jungwald Logo
    Chalet Jungwald Logo

    The Chalet Jungwald persona would not have been complete without a new logo, inspired by the property’s interior.

  • Chalet Jungwald Website
    Chalet Jungwald Website

    Chalet Jungwald is a modern family-owned chalet in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

  • The Lost Boys Photography
    The Lost Boys Photography

    The Lost Boys were the third support band for the Oxjam gig, setting the stage just before headliners Echotape.

  • beat easton Photography
    beat easton Photography

    The second band at the Oxjam AIM gig in October was beat easton. Here is the frontman.

  • Leftines Photography
    Leftines Photography

    Photography of the first band featured at the Oxjam Takeover gig in October, Leftines.

  • Echotape Gig Photography
    Echotape Gig Photography

    As part of AIM’s new promotional strategy, I did some photography during the Oxjam gig in October.

  • Frequency Oxjam Poster
    Frequency Oxjam Poster

    AIM joined in with the Oxjam Takeover this year, so this poster incorporated the Oxjam branding styles.

  • September Collaboration Gig
    September Collaboration Gig

    In Freshers’, AIM worked alongside two other music societies to bring a huge gig to the new students!

  • Frequency March Poster
    Frequency March Poster

    For the final Frequency of the year, the poster is bold and eye-catching, to draw the biggest crowd possible.

  • We Made… Business Cards
    We Made… Business Cards

    We Made wanted a fun design that matched their labels; flat colours enhance its cartoon feel.

  • Techstyle Logo
    Techstyle Logo

    The third part of a project for my dive club, this logo is for the Technical Diving part of the school.

  • Online Scuba Store Logo
    Online Scuba Store Logo

    My local dive shop wanted a new logo for their online store, that was simple but related to scuba diving.

  • Divestyle Logo
    Divestyle Logo

    Divestyle, my local scuba diving club, wanted a simple new logo. I used the sleek shape of a manta ray.

  • Frequency February Poster
    Frequency February Poster

    AIM worked with the Electronic Music Society for February’s Frequency, here’s the poster.

  • Frequency December Poster
    Frequency December Poster

    In December, AIM ran a Battle of the Bands event for student bands. I did the design to get them to sign up!

  • Frequency November Poster
    Frequency November Poster

    My design for Frequency’s fundraising gig with the Fight Against Cancer Society.

  • AIM Website
    AIM Website

    My main project as AIM’s new Head of Publicity was to set up a blog for music reviews and events.

  • Frequency October Poster
    Frequency October Poster

    My first design for Frequency, the Alternative & Indie Music Society’s flagship event.

  • SUDC Logo
    SUDC Logo

    My logo design for Southampton University Diving Club, forming the D with a diver silhouette.

  • Soton Uni PotSoc Logo
    Soton Uni PotSoc Logo

    The Pottery Society wanted a new logo that was more sophisticated than they had before, so here it is!

  • Eden Logo
    Eden Logo

    Eden is a logo I designed for a spa, featuring natural tones to match the type of products they use.

  • SEEN Logo
    SEEN Logo

    SEEN was a newsletter sent out to all biological sciences students, and when they moved to the web, I designed this.

  • Tax Assist Xmas Card 2012
    Tax Assist Xmas Card 2012

    For the second year running, I designed an e-card for TaxAssist to send to their clients at Christmas.

  • Meg Carne Beauty Logo
    Meg Carne Beauty Logo

    Meg chose her colour scheme and wanted an elegant design, using the damask print in her branding.

  • K@design, My Old Logo
    K@design, My Old Logo

    My previous logo was simple, using bold text and an @ to link the web to my name and the design work.

  • TaxAssist Xmas Card 2011
    TaxAssist Xmas Card 2011

    As my first major graphics project, I designed this greetings card for all the customers of TaxAssist Accountants.

  • EtherClear Website
    EtherClear Website

    EtherClear wanted a clean but functional website design to go with the fresh new logo.

  • Inspire Hosting Website
    Inspire Hosting Website

    Inspire’s website design was bold and bright to match the logo and catch the eye of potential hostees.

  • Inspire Hosting Business Cards
    Inspire Hosting Business Cards

    I used the lightbulb design on the back of the business card to make them bold and interesting around the details.

  • EtherClear Managed Hosting Logo
    EtherClear Managed Hosting Logo

    The blue shapes in this logo use negative space to create a cloud design to show off their move to cloud hosting.

  • Inspire Hosting Logo
    Inspire Hosting Logo

    Inspire wanted a logo to appeal to first-time hostees; I made a simple design using a lightbulb to dot the I.

  • Aeon Photography Logo
    Aeon Photography Logo

    The simple, bold text of the logo goes well with the bright aperture, making it bold and clear what the business does.

  • Flirrt Logo
    Flirrt Logo

    A women’s website, Flirrt, wanted a simple logo that would go with their stylish site, but still look feminine.

  • Ciplex Logo
    Ciplex Logo

    The online services business wanted a design that was eye-catching and showed off what their business did.

  • Essence WordPress Theme
    Essence WordPress Theme

    Essence is a theme I designed a long time ago as a project for a hosting company to release to their clients.

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